Nancy: Sports

Being student at the University of Lorraine allow you to access to SUAPS, once you have your student Id (the day of the registration at University) you can enroll and use the gym facilities as well enroll in multiple sport classes. You don’t have to pay any extra fee. Just ask for the SUAPS registration Office.

SUAPS website:


Nancy: Shops & Grocery stores

Nancy and Vandoeuvre have several options for grocery shopping Ex. Lidl, Match, Chinese Supermarket, Local Markets. Following some direct links with the locations:


Local Market:

In addition the city has a wide variety of malls and shopping stores in order to find them you only have to walk from the Tram stop: Nancy Gare towards the station Cathédrale.

If you need a bigger market, two solutions are available for you. The simplest one is Auchan Lobeau, situated not far away from the center and the Provençal accommodation.

The second solution is Cora Houdemont. It is situated outside the city, but you can take the bus 17 to get there.


Nancy: Housing

Nancy offers multiple housing options for international students, which are listed below:

  • Crous: This option is the most common among students due to the price and variety of locations, but you must have into account that several people is applying for this locations therefore you should apply fast.

Crous website: http://www.crous‐nancy‐

Crous Velodrome and Charmois are the closest location to the University, but the camber are smaller.

  • Apheen: This option provides furniture accommodations very close from University.Additionally they have an english speaking team. The average price for an apartment is (27m2: 530€ a month; 37m2: 650€ a month)
  • Flat sharing: Several people in Nancy offers a room into their flats you can find their offers and contact them. It is recommendable write them in French. The average price is 400€


Nancy: Transportation

The most simple ways to move in Nancy are to use the tram, buses and walking.You can use the tram (#1) to get to the main points of city as the University (the stop: Callot), Nancy train station (Nancy Gare) and city centre (Point Central). Other buses lines are also available if you want to go in other parts of the city.

There is a link to public transport map:

When you will get your student and bank account you will be able to apply on student pass card which costs 8 euro for the card and 15 euro of monthly payment. For this, you need to go to STAN office in city centre (it is close to Point Central tram stop). You must bring with you your student ID, French bank account information, photo.

Before you buy this pass card, you can by single passes or there other options in the auto-machines on the stops (note: they are usually on tram stops, you could not meet them on every bus stops).

Moreover, there is a STAN application where you can check schedule and lines you need to take, you can download it from Play store or Apple app stores.

Nancy City website:


Information about living costs in Nancy


Information about Transportation in Nancy:

Nancy: Traveling

Nancy is in the North-East of France, and not far away from Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany. You can go to these location by train or by car sharing.

Brussels (left) and Luxembourg (right)

You might also want to visit some other French cities. From Nancy, you have multiple possibilities. You can go to visit Paris by taking the TGV again, or you might want to see Metz, a city the size of Nancy and 40min away, or Strasbourg, a more german city in Alsace, France.

Metz (left) and Strasbourg (right)

Nancy: Arrival

Two options are available when traveling to Nancy: from Paris or Luxembourg.

Once you reach Charles De Gaulle airport in Paris, there are SNCF TGV(high speed trains) from the airport to Nancy. Trains are more frequent and takes around 1 hour and 45 minutes to reach Nancy Gare(train station) . It will cost around 75€, but can cost less (around 30€) if you buy them early enough (a few month prior to your trip). You can buy them online. For updated tariff on your arrival date visit –

If you take the train, you may have to change at the Lorraine train station to a bus or another train, depending on your travel. Don’t forget to check on your ticket. Lorraine train station is quite small, so you should not have any problem there.

SNCF also offers bus from Paris (not from airport) which is much cheaper than train and takes approximately 10€. Duration of the journey is  4 hours and 30 minutes. Visit-

There are also other bus for services from Paris to Nancy. Eurolines and isilines offers cheap tickets to Nancy and buses are available everyday in multiple different times. Visit – and

The second option to arrive to Nancy is from Luxemburg which is closer to it and, consequently, the trip costs less. You can buy a train ticket for around 30€ and the train takes 1h30.

You can also use car sharing, especially,

Another economical, comfortable and practical option to arrive directly either Luxembourg Airport or Frankfurt Airport is by Flibco shuttle bus transport service. Prices from Luxembourg Airport goes from 5€ to 18€ depending in your depart time. Trip duration is about 2 hours. From Frankfurt the prices goes from 10€ to 36€, although trip duration varies between 6 and 7 hours due to it makes a stop on Luxembourg Airport. For more information and booking visit


Recommended routes and prices can be found at:

France: Health Insurance

During your registration at the University, you will have to choose a French Social Security (Sécurité Sociale), between two choices: LMDE and MGEL. Both offers the same services, but MGEL is closer to the university and accommodations. After the registration, you will have to go to their office and give your certificate of school attendance.

The social security offers you a 70% refund when you go see a doctor, as well as 20 to 100% refunds when buying medication or if you have to go to the hospital.


Nancy: Registration at University

During your first days in Nancy you would receive a schedule for an appointment to the university registration office to be registered and getting a student card, remember to bring with you the following items so they can make copies and register you in (ORIGINALS ARE REQUIRED):

  • Birth certificate
  • Mark sheets
  • Academic transcripts
  • Diplomas

France: Residence Permit

You need to apply on the residence permit here, website is on French use Google translator or ask for help your French groupmate. You will need to pay for the ofii stamp 58 euro and have a medical appointment. In the documents you will receive after applying there is an instruction about the place and time.

France: Visa

After receiving your official confirmation letter, you need to contact campus france in your country. Since you are holder of Erasmus Mundus Scholarship, you don’t need to pay the fee for opening your file in campus france. Campus france is responsible to evaluate the proof of your academic documents and after a short interview they will send your case to the embassy. The embassy then asks for the proof of accommodation and your funding sources (They will be sent to you by email or courier).