Nancy: Transportation

The most simple ways to move in Nancy are to use the tram, buses and walking.You can use the tram (#1) to get to the main points of city as the University (the stop: Callot), Nancy train station (Nancy Gare) and city centre (Point Central). Other buses lines are also available if you want to go in other parts of the city.

There is a link to public transport map:

When you will get your student and bank account you will be able to apply on student pass card which costs 8 euro for the card and 15 euro of monthly payment. For this, you need to go to STAN office in city centre (it is close to Point Central tram stop). You must bring with you your student ID, French bank account information, photo.

Before you buy this pass card, you can by single passes or there other options in the auto-machines on the stops (note: they are usually on tram stops, you could not meet them on every bus stops).

Moreover, there is a STAN application where you can check schedule and lines you need to take, you can download it from Play store or Apple app stores.

Nancy City website:


Information about living costs in Nancy


Information about Transportation in Nancy:


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