Nancy: Arrival

Two options are available when traveling to Nancy: from Paris or Luxembourg.

Once you reach Charles De Gaulle airport in Paris, there are SNCF TGV(high speed trains) from the airport to Nancy. Trains are more frequent and takes around 1 hour and 45 minutes to reach Nancy Gare(train station) . It will cost around 75€, but can cost less (around 30€) if you buy them early enough (a few month prior to your trip). You can buy them online. For updated tariff on your arrival date visit –

If you take the train, you may have to change at the Lorraine train station to a bus or another train, depending on your travel. Don’t forget to check on your ticket. Lorraine train station is quite small, so you should not have any problem there.

SNCF also offers bus from Paris (not from airport) which is much cheaper than train and takes approximately 10€. Duration of the journey is  4 hours and 30 minutes. Visit-

There are also other bus for services from Paris to Nancy. Eurolines and isilines offers cheap tickets to Nancy and buses are available everyday in multiple different times. Visit – and

The second option to arrive to Nancy is from Luxemburg which is closer to it and, consequently, the trip costs less. You can buy a train ticket for around 30€ and the train takes 1h30.

You can also use car sharing, especially,

Another economical, comfortable and practical option to arrive directly either Luxembourg Airport or Frankfurt Airport is by Flibco shuttle bus transport service. Prices from Luxembourg Airport goes from 5€ to 18€ depending in your depart time. Trip duration is about 2 hours. From Frankfurt the prices goes from 10€ to 36€, although trip duration varies between 6 and 7 hours due to it makes a stop on Luxembourg Airport. For more information and booking visit


Recommended routes and prices can be found at:


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