Germany, Harz

About the university

You will be attending the Department of Automation and Computer Sciences in the Wernigerode campus of Hochschule Harz which is located on the northern edge of the Harz Mountains which has become well known beyond Germany’s borders. Wernigerode is located in Saxony-Anhalt region of Germany. The number of students attending the university is roughly about less than a couple thousands with a estimated number of around 50 international exchange students.

Practical matters


  • You will be initially contacted by a staff from the international office for your application to the university before you arrive in Germany, somewhere around the month of September/October.

    The Head of International Office is Katja Betker. Email: kbetker@hs-harz.deTel +49 3943 659 150 Fax +49 3943 659 5150-5150 Room 6.008, Haus 6, Wernigerode

  • A student assistant from the international office should be in touch with you before your arrival to Wernigerode to confirm your arrival date, to inquire about whether you had obtained an accommodation and to help with your registration at the university once you reach.

    Name of the student assistant who contacted me: Lena Nadine Müller. Email: Facebook contact: Lena Nadine.


  • For international students: Start applying for your visa around mid-September as it can take some time, according to the website it will take up to 6 weeks but it can be more. The German embassy in Sweden is in Stockholm: Skarpögatan 9, 115 27 Stockholm, Sweden.
  • You will need to make a booking for an appointment:
  • Double check all your documents before going there as they are very very particular about it. The passport photos for German has a special dimension. In case you did not bring the correct ones you will be able to use a photo booth machine on the spot but bring in some loose Swedish Krones bank notes with you.
  • Once your visa is ready you will be notified by email and you will have two options: 1) Go back to Stockholm in person 2) Send your passport by post, using a special courier service for personal documents. In case it’s 2) send the passport back preferably to a local Swedish person, who you can trust, as sometimes you require a personal ID (your residence permit will not be accepted) to collect such a parcel.


  • From the university website, you will be required to make an application for a student room. For international exchange student, you can only apply to  student hall No. 5 (address: “At Finkenborn 5”). The student hall are located in a quiet detached house settlement. The student hall, each with about 60 residents, are located about 4 km from the university and about 2 km from the city centre. The two nearest shopping facilities are 800 m and 1 km away. You can reach the university very easily by bus in 15 minutes (by bicycle in 20 minutes or on foot in 45 minutes).
  • However, the two of us who came in Wernigerode to do the master thesis we did not get any response when we applied to the above website.
  • Fortunately, many German students go for internship for that semester and sublet their rooms. They will start posting adverts around end of December – end of January depending on when the semester ends in Hochschule Harz. Facebook group: Hs-Harz.
  • Rental price may vary between 190 – 300 euros depending on the types of room you are looking for (private room + bathroom or private room and shared bathroom).
  • Request for a sublet agreement as you will need it, see later section.
  • If you have problems getting a room, contact the student assistant from the international office, for instance Lena Nadine she can help you with getting contacts.

Health Insurance

  • You are covered by your international insurance :  Erasmus Mundus Insurance Programme by  MARSH since the beginning of PERCCOM.

Getting to the university

  • The train station’s name is Wernigerode as well.
  • The bus station is right next to the train station. To get to the university, use the bus no 1 or bus no 4.
  • Once you get your student card, travelling by bus is free in the whole Saxony-Anhalt region.

Getting your student card

  • As mentioned earlier, you will be contacted by a student assistant from the international office.
  • Arrange a meeting with him/her once you arrive and you will receive your student card and further instructions to complete your university registration.
  • Besides registering to the university, you will also need to register at the local registration town office in Nicolaiplatz 1 38855 Wernigerode.
  • You will need your renting contract agreement for that procedure.

Life in Wernigerode

  • City center is down the main road on Friedrichstraße.
  • Supermarkets: NP and Netto, also on Friedrichstraße. Lidl is a bit further away from city center on Grüne Straße
  • Wernigerode is famous for the Brocken Mountains and hiking there is very popular.
  • Swimming pool:
  • There are gyms available in the town
  • You will be able to register for language and sports classes once the semester starts again around the month of March.

Important website/apps


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