Germany, Bremen

Bremen University

Roughly 23,000 people are currently active as students, teachers, researchers, or employees of the University of Bremen. It has become one of Germany`s eleven top universities of excellence. It is the science center of Northern Germany, renowned for its strengths in the sciences and engineering disciplines, as well as the humanities and the social sciences.

Practical Matters


The main contacts during your staying in Bremen will be:

  • Prof. Dr. Michael Lawo (Main supervisor)      Tel:    –49 -421 218 64002    Fax:    –49 -421 218 64047    Room:    TAB 1.90    Mail:    mlawo(at)cs[dot]uni-bremen[dot]de
  • Lena Jacobs (TZI Secretary)   Tel:    –49 -421 218 64000    Fax:    –49 -421 218 64047    Room:    TAB 1.78    Mail:    ai-office(at)cs[dot]uni-bremen[dot]de
  •    Barbara Hasenmüller (Advice on programs abroad and university cooperation projects in Europe/ERASMUS, Deputy Director) Room:    VWG 0560    Phone: +49-421-218-60362


Citizens from EU Member States do not need to apply for any visa. For other nationals in order to study in Germany they must apply for a student Visa.

Health Insurance

You are cover by your international insurance :  Erasmus Mundus Insurance Programme by  MARSH since the beginning of PERCCOM.

Bremen university website is really useful to find al the information as a new foreign student. We advice you to check this following website :

Arriving to Bremen, Germany

Bremen is a quite big city with bus station, airport and train station.

Bus online booking:

Train online booking:

What to bring along

From January to June, Bremen is quite cold. In one day, it can rain a lot during one hour and then the sun can show up. Warm and waterproof clothes are adviced.

Registration at University

During your first days in Bremen you should go  to University to register as a guest student. This will allow you to be recognized as a student for all the institution. You should contact : Barbara Hasenmüller (Advice on programs abroad and university cooperation projects in Europe/ERASMUS, Deputy Director) Room:    VWG 0560    Phone: +49-421-218-60362 to get your guest student card. Remember to bring  with you the following items so they can  make copies and register you in (ORIGINALS  ARE REQUIRED):

  • ID card or passport
  • Letter from Michael Lawo explaining that you are a guest student studying at TZI with you first and last day of work
  • Your student card from université de Lorraine

Then you will have to get a student card available at Menza (university restaurant). This student card will allow you to get food at student price at Menza and to pay for laundry in the university dormitory. You will need this following documents to get your student card :

  • Guest Student card
  • Money to pay the caution (5€, if I remember correctly)
  • ID card or passport



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